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Tom Grady is proud to announce that we now carry Granular Products' herbicide for control of Giant Rats Tail Grass and Serrated Tussock and Parramatta Grass.


General Description

GP FLUPROPANATE is a high quality herbicide granule for the control of Giant Rat's Tail Grass, Parramatta Grass, Giant Parramatta Grass and Serrated Tussock and certain other Invasive grasses, based on the proven active of Flupropanate

GP FLUPROPANATE is manufactured in Australia to a formulae specifically developed for Australian conditions. It is an economical choice for the use in the control of Invasive Grasses on grazing lands.

Application Methods

GP FLUPROPANATE is suitable for Aerial, ground and hand application.

Pack size

1kg, 15kg, 20kg and 500kg packs

Mode of Action

Can be applied at any time of the year and treatments become effective after sufficient rainfall mobilizes the active into the root zone where it is absorbed by the Target grass. Herbicidal activity will continue for several seasons after application. The granules have a hardy clay carrier with the Flupropanate present both on the surface and absorbed within the clay core. This allows the granule to have a two phase release with the Flupropanate being rapidly released from the surface of the granule and then more slowly released from within the clay core. This allows for better weed control.

The time required for complete plant death depends on soil type, amount of rainfall, root depth, plant species, plant density and rate of GP FLUPROPANATE used. The rate for aerial and aerial application will be between 7.5 kg/Ha and 15 kg/Ha. A single application is normally effective for several years
Forage Grass production usually increases as competition is reduced. Increased grass production is also dependant on adequate rainfall and an acceptable grazing management program.
GP FLUPROPANATE may cause temporary herbicidal symptoms to appear on perennial grasses. Higher rates used to control severe infestation may kill some beneficial grasses. This effect may be minimised by managing for application when grasses are dormant.

GP FLUPROPANATE is registered to control the following weeds:

Giant Rat's Tail Grass
Parramatta Grass
Giant Parramatta Grass
Serrated Tussock

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